Onitsha Advancement Foundation

OnAF Cooperative Team


OnAF recognises the contribution of cooperators for the attainment of social development goals; eradication of poverty, generation of food and productive employment and enhancement of social interaction. It is against this background that the OnAF Cooperative Team has been established to operate primarily in the spaces that corporate systems cannot and will not fill.


The OnAF Cooperative Team  focuses on:

  • Facilitating the provision of soft loans to youths within the Onitsha traditional community  in order to  assist them in earning livelihoods  through skilled works, farming and apprenticeship.
  • Supervision of the operations of cooperative societies.
  • Creation of new cooperative societies .
  • Provision of cooperative education and advisory services to the cooperative societies
  • Strengthening the pull of cooperatives funds through investments in shares, thrift savings and special members’ deposit

Team Lead: Prof. Ojinnaka Patrick Egbunike

Tel: +234 803 597 3319

Email: coperatives@onaf.org

OnAF Cooperatives Events Gallery

Cooperative officials on a routine to farms owned by beneficiaries of its loans.