Onitsha Advancement Foundation

Women Empowerment Project Committee (WEPC)


This is geared towards increasing the participation of women in OnAF programmes and initiatives for purposes of enhancing their social, economic, and professional development, with a view to realising the vision and mission of OnAF.

Areas of Focus

  • Economic Activity Funding for women
  • Skills acquisition programmes for women
  • Mentoring and capacity building programmes for women
  • Create enabling environment for women to actively engage in Onicha women institutions. 
  • Engendering good values through the exemplary productivity and strength of Onitsha women
  • Women-specific healthcare programmes
  • Optimal celebration of Onitsha Women and Women Groups / Initiatives.

Team Lead : Ms. Bennedikter Molokwu

Tel: +234 805 544 6677

Email: wepc@onaf.org

WEPC Events Gallery


A cross-section of participants at the International Women’s Day (IWD) event held at Imeobi Ezichima palace.


Participants at the International Women’s Day (IWD) event receive their gifts.