Onitsha Advancement Foundation

Value Reorientation Initiative

The Thinking

Conceived as a critical enabler in the quest to Lift (the poor in) Onicha Out of Poverty (LOOP), the initiative seeks to bring about a shift amongst ndi Onicha from:

  • Consumption to production
  • Applicant/employee mindset to entrepreneurial spirit/drive
  • Individualism to collaboration/partnership
  • Short-term to longer-term focus.

Central to the initiative is the need to interrogate the ethical, moral, and professional values of ndi Onicha, in the context of ife eji abu Onicha erika.


  • Change the mindset of ndi Onicha from a welfare mentality to a more productive, capitalist, and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Foster adoption and support of wealth creation, entrepreneurship, and long-term capital development initiatives.
  • Encourage Onicha youths to embrace diversification of professional interests to include entrepreneurship and technology-enabled professions

Team Lead: Nn’emeka Maduegbuna.

Tel: +234 803 402 0069

Email: vri@onaf.org