Onitsha Advancement Foundation

OnAF unveils logos and visual identity

   –Adopts an endorsed corporate identity structure

Onitsha, March 14, 2022: The Onitsha Advancement Foundation (OnAF) has announced the launch of a  logo for the main OnAF Masterbrand and logos for its operating entities. A visual identity system has also been introduced to ensure consistent use of logos, colors, and typography for purposes of reinforcing OnAF messages and brand personality.

The operating entities are Onicha Leadership and Entrepreneurial Centre (OLEC) for entrepreneurial training; Ado Business Incubation Centre (ABIC) in respect of, technological skills acquisition; OnAF Microfinance (MFI) to facilitate and administer credit as well as provide advisory services; and Onicha Ado Cooperative Society Ltd ( Onicha Ado Cooperative)  to enhance mutual benefits amongst members of cooperative societies. Another entity OnAF Heritage Limited  focuses on business development and investments

“OnAF as a community-led socio-economic development holding organization delivers value through its various operating entities, hence it is important that each of these entities has a presence of its own’’,  said Nn’emeka Maduegbuna, OnAF Values Reorientation /Communications Team Lead. He explained that ’’this has led to the adoption of  an endorsed corporate identity structure which ensures that each of the entities has  its  own brand identity and market presence, but also establishes a connection with the OnAF Masterbrand.’’

The major symbol of the logos is the ceremonial sword (Abani), A symbol of power and authority, and social prestige which has long been associated with the Onicha people, it is easily identifiable and relatable for the intended audience and as such makes for excellent brand awareness. The Abani symbol is also part of the logos of the operating entities. The motifs in the Abani include geometric shapes; triangles a basic traditional motif and circles which signify the cycles of life, seasons, and patterns which ndi Onicha through OnAF are working to improve on and uphold going forward. These features are consistent across all the logos and serve as the unifying elements that keep the parent logo and its allied parts together.

The logos were designed by Chike Emembo who emerged winner of the OnAF Logos Competition. This was a contest for the creation of logos for the OnAF Masterbrand and the operating entities. It was open to Onicha indigenes not more than forty years old who are not master artists.

A visual identity manual has also been developed to demonstrate how to correctly use OnAF’s visual identity package. The manual also serves as a valuable reference tool to help better understand how the various operating entities fit in the overall identity architecture of OnAF.

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